Love Languages Can Change Your Relationship

Love Languages Counseling for Relationships
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Love languages can help you understand yourself and help you love your partner in way they can hear. Gary Chapman developed “The 5 Love Languages” Quiz and it can help people learn how to ‘speak’ love in a language the people in their lives will understand. If your partner yells “I love you” but if they yell it in Arabic, and you don’t know Arabic, all your effort will go to waste. However, speaking it in a language they understand can be life-changing.

In addition, taking the quiz can also you better understand yourself. For example, if your love language is touch it can help you better understand why interact the way you do.

Do your efforts go unnoticed?

Does it seem like you are trying really hard to show your partner you love them but they never seem satisfied? This can be really confusing to both people! For instance, maybe you keep buying them really great gifts and they just don’t respond they way you were hoping. You make them dinner every night and pack their lunch to be sweet and they barely notice. Maybe you repeatedly tell them how great they are at everything and they just seem embarassed. You try to be romantic and hold their hand in public and they just seem annoyed.

Above all, each of us just want to be loved. In addition, we want our efforts to show love to be heard. Why does that seem so difficult in some relationships? Sometimes it can be as simple as just learning how to speak your partner’s love language.

Finally, it can also help to talk with a local Therapist near you. You can learn more about communication and improve your relationships.

Try the 5 Love Languages Quiz:


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