Get your partner to listen to you!

7 Ways to Get Your Partner to Finally Listen to You!

Did you hear me?

Listen to me! Why is it so difficult for some people to listen? If it feels like your partner has quit listening to you there is still hope. Communication can be hard. When you feel like your partner is not listening to you, it can make you feel very alone. In addition, there is a big difference between active listening and passive listening.

7 Tips to get your partner to listen:

Check out these 7 tips to help reverse that trend and get your partner to listen to you:

1. Record yourself talking. What is coming out of your mouth? Would YOU want to listen to yourself talk? Try this test.
Record yourself talking to your partner. Would you want to turn it off or hear more?

2.Voice what your partner is doing right and what you love about your partner. They WANT you to be happy!
If making you happy starts to seem impossible, they may have just quit trying. Humans are much more likely to repeat a behavior where there is reward. Notice the good and talk about it.

Is your partner hearing you?

3.Do not nag your partner. Repeating a request over and over is annoying to even the nicest person. You are not their Mom or Dad. Ask them once and only once. Once your partner views you in the way they would view a parent, their emotional attraction can be negatively affected.

4. Remove unsolicited Advice from your vocabulary. Suggesting things to your partner of a better way to do things or your way you like to do things is considered unsolicited advice. The fascinating ironic thing is–once you quit giving them advice, they will often start seeking your advice.

5. Read this one closely: acknowledge what your partner says BEFORE you give your thoughts or your reasons for doing something. Just paraphrase back what you heard so they know you are interested and listening. Example: You: “Seriously? Your boss gave the promotion to Bill?”

6.Think back to when things were good. Your partner most likely hung on your every word in the beginning. Think back to what you were doing differently? Do you complain more than than you used to? Did you talk more about what you like about them than what frustrates you? What has changed between then and now?

7. Give your partner the benefit of the doubt. In the early parts of a relationship it is easy to assume the best. When you assume the worst your partner may feel attacked and quit listening.

Take the Challenge! Do all 7 for one month and you might be surprised!

Finally, if you have tried all of the 7 steps and still are having relationship issues you may want to try talking to a professional licensed therapist. Bridge the communication gap and prevent divorce!

Find a Therapist near you to start working on your relationship.

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