Coronavirus Pandemic Making You Crazy?

7 Tips to Avoid Going “Corona Crazy” During Coronavirus Quarantine

Coronavirus Pandemic Anxiety
Going ‘Corona Crazy’?

By Deborah Farber, LPC

Coronavirus Pandemic has a lot of people feeling like they are hanging by a thread. Are you feeling like your life is a house of cards and the next big wind is about to lead to you watching the whole deck of cards come tumbling down? Just know that you are not alone! This time last year, most people could never have guessed what our world was about to go through. If someone told us all that was ahead, we probably would have thought they were literally losing their mind and were a conspiracy theory nut!

Have you ever wondered why a similar crisis can completely devastate one person and the next person seems to come through it okay? Normal life can be stressful. A pandemic can cause our anxiety levels to go through the roof.

Read over the tips below and give yourself a score from 1 to 7. Score a 7 and you are on your ways to surviving the Coronavirus Pandemic without going “Corona Crazy”!

How well are you keeping it together?

  • 1. You are using Calming Mantras. Developing calming phrases that you can repeat in your head can help keep your thoughts in a perfectly Zen state in the midst of chaos. Try some of these: “I can do this”, “I just need to relax right now”, “This won’t last forever”, “I’m gonna focus on the good today,” “I’ve made it through a lot and I can get through this too”, “Tough times never last but tough people do”!
  • 2. You are making a daily decision to focus on what you can Control and let go of what you cannot control during the Coronavirus Pandemic. You are not able to control the news. Your job situation may be out of your control. You can’t control others. But if you work at it you can control your attitude about each of these. You can control where you go each day and what you do. You can control the words you speak. Focusing on the past or on things that are outside of our control makes us feel powerless and frustrated.

Did you get the first 2?

  • 3. You Phone a Friend. Do you have any idea how many elderly people would love more than anything to get a phone call? Although our social lives may have dramatically changed since Coronavirus arrived, you are not alone. Reach out and connect with others on a regular basis. Feel like you don’t have anyone to call? You are not the only one! Did you know over 100,000 people search the word lonely on Google every month? The paradoxical cure to loneliness is finding someone else who feels the same way you do!
  • 4. You go outdoors for at least 20 minutes every single day. The air inside our homes, cars, and work is stale air. Going outdoors is essential to getting fresh oxygen and maintaining vitamin D levels which can affect our moods and help us keep it together during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Put on your tennis shoes and your favorite songs and go for a walk. Or even just sit on the porch. There have even been studies showing a possible connection and the suns ability to kill viruses. Get fresh oxygen and sunlight every single day and notice the dramatic difference in the way you feel!

What’s Your Score So Far?

  • 5. You Take Cleansing Breaths throughout the day. Don’t skip this! I know you’ve probably heard about deep breathing for years and you may think it’s only for people in yoga pants. The first time I actually tried deep breathing I was shocked how great it really works! Breath in as deep as you can through your nose (scrunch up your nose while you do) then exhale every ounce of stale carbon dioxide out of your lungs through your mouth. Do it 3 times and for best results do it while you are outside!
  • 6. You Find the Funny in Life. Search every day for at least one thing that makes you laugh out loud. For instance, take some time and watch a funny movie. Check out a hilarious YouTube video. Look up practical jokes. Talk to the class clown in your life. Watch comedians on TV. Scroll through TikTok videos. Search “try not to laugh” during your lunch break. In addition, you can think of funny stuff from your past to keep a smile on your face.
How many of these have you done this week?
  • 7. You Count your blessings. Count them every single day. “When you look for the good you will surely find it. When you look for the bad you will surely find it.” There is plenty of bad that we can spend hours and hours fixed on. Whenever you, notice the effect it has on your physical body. Is your stomach tense? Do your muscles ache? Does your head hurt? After that try spending an equal amount of time reading and watch inspiring videos of people who did random acts of kindness, showed bravery toward strangers, or followed their dreams. Does your body feel any differently?

How well are you keeping it together?

So what was your score? If you scored a 6 or a 7 you are probably one of the people who seem to be keeping it together during Coronavirus Quarantine. If your score was low you may be going “Corona Crazy” and need to make sure improvements!

We each get 24 hours in a day. What we choose to do with that amount of time determines the trajectory of our future. Every single day we get hundreds of choices. Altering those daily choices changes the course of our life. Visualize what you would like your life to look like when the words Coronavirus, pandemic, respirator, face mask, and Covid-19 are a distant memory. Surprisingly a year ago the majority of us did not even have those words on our radar.

However, a time will come when we those words are long forgotten. The question is when that time arrives who will you be and what will your life look like?

Reaching out for help during Quarantine

If you find that the social isolation is really beginning to trouble you and you’d like to speak with someone, please get in touch with a Therapist that can give you some tools to get through this tough time. As you may know, the anxiety during times like this can be overwhelming. Need more information on anxiety? Above all just know you are not alone in all of this! If you live in Oklahoma I would be happy to discuss how I may be able to help. However, if you live outside of Oklahoma please click on the link below to find a Therapist in your local area just visit:

Currently I am in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, United Behavioral Health, and Healthchoice. I Offer online teletherapy sessions via SimplePractice. If you live in Oklahoma and would like to book an appointment click on the link below:

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